lot of space

#bymarketa – Redesign of a kitchen



Lokalita/miesto: Trebisov

Investor: sukromna osoba

Rok: 2014


Redesign of kitchen. This client ask me with some help of reorganized kitchen place which was already after reconstruction. So what I did, was that I add a lot of hiden places where are windows. This white color of furniture is simply and place make bigger than are. Bring more lights. So whole wall where are windows is full of storage space you do not see, or see shelves. Client wanted a tv so there was a empty and free wall for that opposite the kitchen, like in the dining room. Whole places looks bigger than it is. What I really know that will be big change of this place was, that I add huge kitchen island. Island is big and full of free space for a work in a small kitchen place. Client is satisfied.

#bymarketa – Clothes versus clothes


foyer1 CHODBA_2 SPALNA_1